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Dr. Mike Tendler
Certified Financial Coach
Speaker, Author, Lecturer
          Local Director 
Marketing and Outreach


 "The Safe and Easy Way to Stay Recession Proof!"

 Mike is Featured In

 "Knowledge Always Pays the Best Interest"

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Your Families Financial Support Staff

Working together for a "Recession" Proof Plan

​1.Don't Panic......Plan"!
2. Re-Allocate Cash Flow
3. Assets To better use 
4. Systematic "Debt" Relief
5.  We are in this "together"

6. Become "Heath Conscience"
7 Make yourself "indispensable" at work

 Proverbs 19:20-21 "Listen to counsel and accept discipline"
"Hope Deferred Maketh the Heart Sick, when the desire cometh it is the tree of life"                                                               proverbs 13: 12

 Our speaking helps in Fund Raisers and Workshop

We work for you and you select the topic such as:

7 Baby Step Millionaire
Why Jews Are Good with Money (#1 requested )
3 Simple Steps to Build Wealth
Elevate Debt, Build Wealth, With No New Money 
5 Biblical Principles on Money
Wills vs. Trusts
401 K Fallacies and How to Avoid Them
Debt Free College...529 Mistakes
Long Term Care Made Affordable
You pick or....Customize the program